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Antoine’s is an iconic restaurant located in New Orleans and has been serving up traditional Creole cuisine since 1840. Originally opened by French immigrant Antoine Alciatore; the establishment quickly became a staple of the city's culinary scene — establishing many dishes that are still enjoyed today.

From its signature Oysters Rockefeller to its Pompano en Papillote; every meal at Antoine’s is crafted using only the freshest ingredients — with many being sourced from within Louisiana itself. The restaurant also offers a number of unique dining experiences including Murder Mystery Dinners and Wine Tasting Events that are sure to make any evening an unforgettable one.

Antoine’s is also well-known for its historic atmosphere with each of their 14 dining rooms paying tribute to different members of the Alciatore family as well as beloved figures from New Orleans' past. Even more impressive, however, is the fact that much of the furniture and décor has remained unchanged throughout its 180 year history! This allows guests to take part in a truly unique cultural experience that can't be found anywhere else in town.

As one of America's oldest restaurants, it's no surprise that Antoine’s has become such an integral part of New Orleans culture over the years — even earning itself a spot on the National Register of Historic Places back in 1970! From locals to tourists alike, everyone can appreciate this remarkable place and all it has to offer — making it a must-visit when visiting this vibrant city.

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