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Causeway Bridge

The Causeway Bridge is one of the most iconic features of the New Orleans skyline. Spanning over 24 miles, this series of twin bridges connects the city to its southern suburbs in Jefferson Parish. The bridge has become increasingly popular thanks to its stunning views of Lake Pontchartrain and makes for a great recreational spot — particularly during sunset.

First opened in 1956, it was initially constructed to provide a link between Jefferson Parish and St. Tammany Parish; allowing for an easy transportation of goods and services across the two areas. Today, it continues to operate as a vital piece of infrastructure for those who live south of New Orleans and offers commuters direct access to both downtown's business district and Uptown's shopping centers.

Despite being such an iconic landmark, the Causeway Bridge has seen its fair share of tragedy over the years with numerous boat collisions resulting in multiple deaths. As a result, safety measures have been put in place such as increased speed limits which ensure that boats travel more slowly when passing under the bridge — making trips considerably safer.

In addition to its success as a transportation lifeline; the bridge also serves as a popular tourist destination with countless visitors each year coming across just to take in its spectacular sights. Boat tours are also frequently offered throughout summer months providing passengers with unique perspectives on their journey through outlying marshlands while they cross between Louisiana’s lakeside towns.

The Causeway Bridge is truly one-of-a-kind marvel that provides residents with convenient access between different parishes while at the same time offering incredible views that can't be found anywhere else! It stands today as proof that through hard work and dedication, we can still create amazing feats of human engineering even when faced with considerable obstacles.

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