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Café Brûlot

First introduced in 1856, Café Brûlot is an iconic New Orleans cocktail that has been bringing locals and visitors together to celebrate the flavors of the city for almost two centuries.

Created by Paul Caffery, grandson of the café’s original owner, Café Brûlot is a delectable combination of roasted coffee beans with a selection of spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, clove and anise blended with cognac or brandy. It’s then finished off with a little sugar, making it a perfect after-dinner treat.

The classic Café Brûlot is served in a large ceramic bowl that’s been set on fire – hence its name which means “burned coffee” – filling the room with delicious aromas. A skilled server will then garnish each glass before handing it to guests around the table.

Café Brûlot has long been associated with special occasions in New Orleans, from holiday parties to weddings and family gatherings. This unique cocktail brings people together and creates an unforgettable experience as every sip is accompanied by unparalleled ambiance and conversation.

Though widely enjoyed at home, there’s nothing quite like experiencing this delectable libation in person at one of New Orleans' local establishments like Café Brûlot's original home in the French Quarter or other popular haunts such as Carousel Bar & Lounge or Sazerac Restaurant & Bar. Whether you choose to try it out at home or sample it while out on the town, this boozy beverage is sure to leave you with lasting memories.

From festive holiday celebrations to intimate dinner dates - Café Brûlot has been bringing delightfully sweet and aromatic moments to New Orleanians for nearly two centuries! If you’re looking for something truly special to sip on next time you’re in town - look no further than this delightful concoction.

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