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Deacon John

Born in New Orleans in 1941, Deacon Johns still performs with his band the Ivories. Named "Deacon" by a fellow band member early on, he did not like the nickname initially as he was worried it would confuse clubs where he wanted to get booked, having them assume he was primarily a gospel singer. But with the urging of music promoters, he kept the nickname.

Deacon John began his career playing with various blues and R&B bands in New Orleans, including Earl King's band. He was a regular fixture at the famous musicians' hangout, Joe's Cozy Corner. Deacon John was also known for his versatility – not only could he play guitar, but he was also skilled on the piano, drums, and saxophone.

In addition to performing, Deacon John has produced albums for multiple artists including Snooks Eaglin and Deacon John's Jump Blues. He has worked with notable musicians such as Dr. John and Allen Toussaint. Deacon John even had a guest appearance in HBO's hit show Treme, where he performed with songwriter Elvis Costello.

Deacon John's music has been recognized and celebrated by the Blues Foundation, who presented him with the Keeping the Blues Alive Award in 2014. Deacon John continues to perform and share his love for blues music with audiences all over the world. His talent and passion have solidified his place in New Orleans' musical history as a true blues legend.

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