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Electric Trolleys

The invention of electric trolleys is credited to Francis Folsom, an engineer from the state of Ohio. In 1866, Folsom created a system of electric carriages that could travel alongside overhead wires in order to provide efficient and reliable transportation. This technology quickly replaced horse-drawn transit vehicles for both commuters and freight shipments.

The idea of electric trolleys was years ahead of its time and drastically changed how transportation was viewed by the public. Not only were these vehicles more efficient than steam powered engines, but also provided much smoother rides with less vibration and energy usage. The fact that they relied on electricity rather than fuel made them cleaner and quieter while also allowing them to be used in many different terrains including mountainsides or urban cityscapes.

Folsom's invention has been incredibly influential in terms of modern day public transportation. Electric trolleys paved the way for other forms of mass transit such as subways, buses, light rails, and trams—allowing people to move around towns and cities with ease and comfort. The development of this technology by Francis Folsom revolutionized the way we think about transportation today!

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