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Dooky Chase

Located in the heart of New Orleans’ historic Tremé neighborhood sits Dooky Chase, a family-run restaurant and institution that has been serving up delicious Creole dishes since 1941. Led by pioneering chef Leah Chase for more than 70 years, this New Orleans eatery has not only become a favorite among locals, but also gained acclaim from visitors around the globe.

At Dooky Chase, you will find authentic Creole cuisine prepared with a heaping helping of love. The menu includes some of Leah’s favorites like shrimp creole, gumbo and jambalaya as well as fried chicken, barbecued ribs and smoked sausage. There are also several vegan options to choose from.

But just as important as what’s served on your plate is the atmosphere in which it is served—and Dooky Chase does an exceptional job at creating a warm and inviting dining experience for all its guests. From the cozy decor to the friendly staff, no one ever leaves without feeling satisfied—both stomach and soul!

It goes without saying that Dooky Chase’s place in the culinary hierarchy of New Orleans can never be understated. It remains a beacon of hope for many who come—sometimes daily—for comfort food made with love from generations before them. Indeed, it is clear why this treasured establishment continues to draw in both foodies and families alike: there’s no better place to eat in all of Louisiana!

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