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Emeril Lagasse

Emeril Lagasse is a name synonymous with New Orleans and its world-renowned food scene. Born on October 15th, 1959 in Massachusetts to Portuguese immigrant parents, Emeril has since become a masterful chef and restaurateur—providing top-notch culinary experiences at his venues in the city.

From a young age, Emeril was exposed to the unique flavors of Louisiana cooking through visits to his grandmother's house. This ultimately led him to study under renowned chefs such as Paul Prudhomme and Allman McEwan—and, eventually, earn himself an apprenticeship at Commander’s Palace Restaurant in New Orleans in 1983.

It didn’t take long for Emeril to begin making a name for himself in the Big Easy; he quickly rose up the ranks of Commander's Palace and went on to open numerous restaurants throughout the city such as NOLA, Cochon and Palo Alto Bistro. In addition to providing exquisite cuisine across all price ranges, Emeril has also been an ultimate champion of New Orleans' vibrant music scene—investing in venues like Vaughn’s for more than thirty years.

Since opening his first restaurant in 1990, Emeril has become a worldwide celebrity chef—winning multiple awards from Food & Wine Magazine including Best Chef in America 1988 and Outstanding Restauranteur 2011. These successes lead him not only to gain recognition around the globe but also give back locally by founding The Emeril Lagasse Foundation which supports children's educational initiatives within his home state of Louisiana.

Between his clever use of Creole flavors and passionate support of local culture, there is no doubt that Emeril Lagasse is an important figurehead within New Orleans' culinary community. His restaurants provide innovative dishes while still paying tribute to traditional tastes—allowing patrons everywhere to experience a true taste of Louisiana right from their dinner table.

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