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Gallier House

The Gallier House is an iconic piece of history tucked away in the heart of New Orleans. Designed by legendary architect James Gallier in the mid-1800s; it served as the home for his family for many years before being opened to the public.

Today, this grand building serves as a museum with tours running seven days a week. While walking through its decadent halls and elaborately decorated rooms; it’s not hard to get lost in time and appreciate what life was like during the golden age of New Orleans.

Despite its age, the Gallier House has been carefully maintained and restored over time — with every room maintaining its original detail and decor. As such; it stands as a living testament to the city’s past while providing visitors with a unique glimpse into what life was like before modern amenities took hold.

In addition to its aesthetic beauty, The Gallier House also offers visitors educational opportunities — hosting events such as lectures, film screenings and other talks about both architecture and history within New Orleans. It also serves as an educational center — offering programs such as ‘Summer Camp at the Gallier house’ which gives kids aged 5-14 hands on experience around 3D printing technology, drones and coding; all designed to spark curiosity and creativity.

If you ever find yourself in New Orleans; be sure to check out this historical gem for yourself! Not only will you be able to enjoy its exquisite architecture but also gain a greater understanding of how this city came to be what it is today. A visit to the Gallier House really is an experience that you won't want to miss.

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