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Hurricane Cocktail

A signature of New Orleans tourism, the Hurricane cocktail has been synonymous with The Big Easy since the 1940s. This strong and flavorful drink consists of rum, passion fruit syrup and lime juice—a combination that creates a unique balance between the sweet and tart flavors.

The official history of the Hurricane begins in 1942 when Pat O’Brien opened his eponymous bar in New Orleans’ French Quarter. At the time, there was a shortage of whiskey and other spirits due to World War Two – so Pat came up with an inventive solution: he mixed what little liquor he had left with fruit juices to create a signature cocktail that would appeal to locals and visitors alike. And thus, The Hurricane was born!

Though it’s now become one of New Orleans most beloved libations – it was far from an instant success. In fact, patrons were initially turned off by its overly sweet taste; so Pat decided to add extra lime juice in order to make it more palatable. Eventually this tweak paid off – and soon enough “Hurricane Parties” became all the rage throughout Bourbon Street!

Today, you can find variations on this classic throughout the city – from frozen Hurricanes served at Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar to the modern take on The Dark & Stormy presented at Cure. No matter which version you decide to try - each sip will transport you straight back into New Orleans’ vibrant culture – making for an unforgettable experience every time!

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