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Marie Laveau

The legendary Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, Marie Laveau, has been a source of fascination for centuries. Born in the city during the early 19th century to a free woman of color and an immigrant from France; Marie quickly rose to fame thanks to her knowledge and use of voodoo practices.

Whether performing rituals or readings, Marie was known for her ability to decipher and interpret signs — helping her clients better understand their current situation. She was also renowned for her healing abilities; using traditional methods of herbalism, prayer and spirituality to help those around her.

Marie's popularity grew exponentially over time — eventually earning her the title of "Voodoo Queen". The legend surrounding her only grew stronger with each passing year; with stories claiming that she could bring back the dead, influence fortune or cause harm through curses being spread far and wide. Despite these claims however, it is highly unlikely that much (if any) of this is true.

Although much mystery still surrounds Marie Laveau; one thing that can’t be denied is the lasting impact she had on New Orleans culture. From appearing at parades dressed in bright colors to visiting parties dressed as if she were attending Mardi Gras; Marie dazzled those around her with both her presence and style.

Her presence can still be felt throughout the city today; many buildings still contain portraits or carvings dedicated to Marie while locals often gather around statues bearing her likeness in order to make offerings and ask for wishes. Ultimately; it’s this sense of mystery and folklore that makes the legend of Marie Laveau so captivating — even more than two hundred years after she first began dazzling onlookers.

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