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Pharmacy Museum

Located in the heart of New Orleans, The Pharmacy Museum is a unique destination for history buffs and curious minds alike. Founded in 1823; it serves as a living testament to the city's contributions to the field of pharmacy.

The museum showcases everything from antique apothecary jars to pharmaceutical artifacts used throughout history — giving guests an immersive experience into what life was like during this time period. From traditional mortar and pestles to intricate pill presses — these tools provide insight into how they were used as well as why they were so important during this era.

In addition to these incredible pieces, The Pharmacy Museum also features interactive exhibits that bring 19th century medicine to life. It’s fascinating to learn about ingredients used in formulations at that time — such as mercury and alcohol — and discover the effects each had on the body when ingested over time.

What sets The Pharmacy Museum apart however; is its commitment to preserving Louisiana’s medical history while still managing to be accessible and engaging for all ages. From interactive games and activities geared towards kids, to guided tours for adults; every visitor leaves with a greater understanding of how medicines were made and dispensed prior to modern advancements in hygiene and sanitation practices.

Whether you're an aspiring pharmacist or just looking for a unique adventure; a visit to The Pharmacy Museum is sure to leave you inspired! Here guests can not only marvel at its impressive collection but also find themselves learning more about this often overlooked piece of New Orleans' past.

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