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St. Roch Cemetery

St. Roch cemetery, located in the heart of New Orleans’s vibrant Marigny neighborhood is a juxtaposition of life and death. Its beautiful, gothic style architecture contrasts with its somber purpose—the burial of thousands from the city’s past. Steeped in history and secrets, St. Roch is one of the most unique cemeteries in the world, with its highly ornate statues, sculptures, and tombs making it a place to either pay your respects or be filled with awe and wonder at its remarkable beauty.

The cemetery was originally founded as a “rural cemetery” in 1874 by seven businessmen who wanted to have an independent graveyard as they felt that existing cemeteries were becoming overcrowded. St. Roch quickly became popular as people from all walks of life could be buried there, regardless of their economic standing or religious affiliation. It has since become one of the most beloved landmarks of New Orleans for locals and tourists alike—with its stunning architecture being both mournful yet inspiring.

Inside St. Roch you will find an array of monuments dedicated to those long gone; many decorated with fascinating and intricate details such as angels wings made out of plaster or weeping draped figures adorning tombs dating back centuries ago. Perhaps one of the most famous gravesites at St Roch is that belonging to Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau —with her altar still intact after decades! There are also some very unusual mausoleums like The Birdcage Mausoleum which looks exactly like what it sounds, along with many smaller statues depicting all manner of life—from dogs playing music together to children holding hands in prayerful poses.

No matter where your journey takes you within this extraordinary graveyard you can find peace amongst the grief here at St Roch Cemetery and be sure to take a moment to admire both old and new offerings alike! Considered by many as the quintessential New Orleans experience—this truly unique destination is sure to reward your curiosity no matter how much time you spend exploring this wonderful place.

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