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Morgus Presents Volume 2 DVD

$ 30.00

Released October 2022

Morgus returns with five of his most successful experiments, uncut and unedited, and magnificently restored using the most modern audio and video software technologies available! 

Included are Mosquitoes, Invisible ManFrozen People, Morgus Gets Married and Werewolf, all presented in 'sitcom' format. Nostalgic for that classic Morgus experience, where the experiment is intertwined with a movie? We've got that for you, too! Enjoy Invisible Man paired with The Amazing Transparent Man. These two play very well together!

New on this volume: Audio commentary from 3 of the crew members from the original production team, who share their memories of being in the lab during the creation of these experiments. Lots of fun, interesting information in this feature! (Commentary not available on Werewolf.)

Designed and Printed in New Orleans

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