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Philip Frazier

Philip Frazier is a world-renowned musician, composer and leader of The Rebirth Brass Band—a beloved jazz ensemble based in New Orleans. Born on June 6, 1961, his life was forever changed when he was exposed to the vibrant music scene of his city at a young age.

Trained as a trumpeter and percussionist, Philip quickly developed an interest in other instruments including piano and saxophone—allowing him to expand both his skillset and repertoire. He eventually joined forces with fellow musicians Kermit Ruffins and members of the Young Olympia Brass Band to form The Rebirth Brass Band in 1983—establishing himself as one of the cornerstones of New Orleans’ music scene.

Since their inception, The Rebirth Brass Band has achieved worldwide acclaim for their signature mix of jazz, funk, hip-hop and second line songs that reflect the city’s culture. Through countless live performances from large festivals to intimate clubs, Philip has become known for his unique ability to captivate audiences with his solos while celebrating local sounds.

In addition to entertaining thousands each year, Philip works hard to nurture the next generation of musicians in New Orleans by providing informal teaching sessions at schools and community centers. Not only does he guide students on technique and improvisation, but he also stresses the importance of staying true to one’s roots through their artistry—a lesson many lifelong fans look up to him for embodying it in his own work.

Philip Frazier's skills as not just a performer but also an educator make him a beacon of inspiration for aspiring jazz talent around the world. He is proudly paving the way for brass bands everywhere with The Rebirth Brass Band—helping keep alive New Orleans' rich musical heritage for generations to come.

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