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Rebirth Brass Band

Founded in 1983 by brass musicians Philip Frazier, Kermit Ruffins and members of the Young Olympia Brass Band, The Rebirth Brass Band is a world-renowned music ensemble based in New Orleans. Performing a mix of jazz, funk, hip-hop and second line songs that reflect their culture, the group has become an iconic part of the local music scene.

The band's signature sound has earned them worldwide recognition and respect. Whether performing for large festivals or intimate clubs, Rebirth consistently brings unparalleled energy to the stage and gets audiences dancing with their memorable funk grooves.

In addition to providing entertainment for live audiences, The Rebirth Brass Band also plays an important role in mentoring young talent coming up through the ranks in New Orleans. Through workshops and informal jam sessions at local schools and community centers, they help train aspiring musicians on everything from technique to improvisation—teaching the importance of both musical expression and staying true to one’s roots.

It is no wonder why The Rebirth Brass Band has become a fan favorite in their city—and around the globe! Their ability to blend elements of local culture with international flavors creates an irresistible sound that is as vibrant as it is unique. From album releases like “We Come To Party” to gracing larger stages like Jazz Fest 2020, The Rebirth Brass Band continues to prove why they are one of New Orleans’ most beloved music groups.

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