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Steamboat Natchez

The Steamboat Natchez is a National Historic Landmark located in New Orleans and is known for being the last operating steamboat in America. Built in 1975, this authentic steamboat takes visitors on a journey through the city’s picturesque waterways, offering scenic views of the banks, wetlands and bayous.

The vessel is known for its comfortable environment with plenty of seating and facilities to accommodate up to 600 passengers. Passengers can enjoy an array of activities while sailing, such as live jazz performances, narrated historic tours and fine dining aboard the boat’s two decks.

Since first opening in 1975, The Steamboat Natchez has become a beloved local tradition that celebrates the city’s rich culture. The boat often serves as host to special occasions like weddings and private parties —and has even been featured in movies like “Benjamin Button!” For tourists visiting New Orleans, a journey aboard The Steamboat Natchez is a must-do experience that allows them to experience the Crescent City’s diverse landscape from both land and sea.

Whether you are taking an evening cruise or enjoying lunch on board this delightful river vessel, riding The Steamboat Natchez provides passengers with an unforgettable trip back in time that brings out the best of what Louisiana has to offer—beautiful sights along with beautiful music.

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