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Young Olympia Brass Band

Founded in 1977, The Young Olympia Brass Band is a cornerstone of the brass band tradition in New Orleans. For over four decades they have been entertaining audiences with lively renditions of traditional New Orleans jazz music, as well as modern funk and hip-hop tunes.

The Young Olympia Brass Band has achieved both local and international success, playing festivals around the world from Tokyo to Stockholm. They have performed with major contemporary artists like Kanye West and Alicia Keys, as well as collaborated with well-respected producers like Pharrell Williams.

Despite their growing international fame, The Young Olympia Brass Band stays connected to the New Orleans community through their music—both on stage and off. From partnering with local schools for workshops to delivering live performances at events ranging from funerals to parades–they demonstrate an unwavering commitment to celebrating their city’s rich culture.

More than just providing entertainment, The Young Olympia Brass Band protects the future of brass bands by passing down their knowledge to younger generations. Through informal tutoring sessions, they are able to teach aspiring musicians how to read sheet music and play instruments correctly —all while educating them about the importance of respecting its history and traditions.

Between its lively performances and dedication to preserving its heritage, it is no wonder why The Young Olympia Brass Band has become one of the most beloved brass bands in New Orleans—and beyond! Their unique blend of old-school grooves appropriate for any occasion makes them an absolute must see when in town.

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